3D Artist / Layout / Animator





Neil Peart Drum Solo Animation - Love For Sale - client: Tandem Digital
I did everything 3D for this animation from the ground up- modeling, textures, rigging, animation, layout, lighting, camera, particles, and final render. The entire piece is keyframed animated- no dynamics, simulations, or audio-driven animation. Directed by Greg Russell of Tandem Digital.

Hawaiian Jed Reel Introduction - Lightwave 9.3
This is all my own work, original characters, voiced myself. Straight Lightwave render- no post production.

Fake video game from AMC's The Killing - Lightwave 9.6

.Date Night - client: Tandem Digital - Lightwave 9.6
I created a seamless fly-in from space to a NYC apartment window. NYC 3D model was provided. Final composite by Tandem Digital.

Untamed and Uncut - client: Cinergy Creative / Cheri Sundae Prods - Lightwave 9.6
I did everything 3D in these shots- modeling, textures, rigging, animation, layout, fur, lighting, particles, dynamics, and render. Most hero models obtained from Daz3d.com (Millenium Horse, Dog, Big Cat, Victoria, Michael, ect). All post production, including camera shake, color correction, and final composition by Cinergy Creative. All work created at Cinergy Creative under the direction of Leslie Allen. I personally created over 37 minutes of primetime-aired, high impact 3D animations covering 94 shots and spanning 32 episodes for this Animal Planet show.

View entire sequences of Untamed & Uncut clips here:

(1) Deer Beer Run (2) Raccoon Peanutbutter (3) Mice Invasion (4) Chuckwagon (5) Rattlesnake in Garden (6) Leopard in Well (7) Caught in Reigns (8) K9 Saves Cop (9) Anaconda Bites Reporter (10) Runaway Horse (11) Tangled Horse (12) Dog in Watering Can

Speed Racer - client: Warner Brothers / ImageCore - Lightwave 9.3
This is all my own work except for the untextured car obj models I received from WB.

Toy Store themed 4D attraction ride film - client: Hollow4D Prods - Lightwave 9.3
This 4 minute 4D ride attraction is completely my own work, created from the client's script and direction. I did everything 3D for this film- layout, camera, modeling, textures, rigging, animation, and lighting.

Juno theatrical trailer - client: Craig Murray Prods - Lightwave 9.2
I modeled and textured the 3D pregnancy test

Santa Monica Pier - Lightwave 9.3
I did everything 3D- modeling, textures, animation, layout, camera. Straight Lightwave render- no postproduction.

Neil Peart Drumset - client: Tandem Digital
I was a co-designer of drumset and stage riser for Neil Peart on Rush's 2010 Time Machine Tour

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Backdrop - client: JKL Prods - Lightwave 9.3
I created this image with Colin Cheer of Strega Imaging. Kodak theatre, Chinese theatre, and Capital Records building exclusively my work. We both worked together on all other buildings. Colin created the final image composition.

The House at Haunted Hill - client: Magic Lantern Creations - Lightwave 9.3
I created, animated, and rendered the talking pumpkin for this annual live Halloween production in Woodland Hills, CA. 7 minutes of lip synced animation created in all.

Please feel free to ask me about any of these projects. I can provide scene files for every piece on my reel.